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Mature content
normal and GrimVirus (WARNING: NUDE SLIGHTLY :iconrostailata3:Rostailata3 0 0
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Mature content
SCP Smut : CH1 : SCP-682 :iconnecromorph-silence:necromorph-silence 5 5
The Eggs chapter 1
‘The Eggs’
Warning: Mpreg, Tcest
Pairing: Raph/Don
Summary: Two months after Bishop tried to dissect Donnie, the genius found out he was a girl before the mutagen dropped on all of his brothers when he was kidnapped, now, he faces new trials with his lover Raph. Will they overcome it all? “Raph, these aren’t ostrich eggs, they’re……….ours”
He ran fast in the sewers, as he knew what to do when he got back in the lair, expecting to see the olive green face he has been addicted to seeing everyday. He and the genius had started seeing each other everyday ever since the had started a secret (and also forbidden) relationship they kept from their father and their two other brothers.
He knew he would Donnie’s disappointed look instead of his warm smile when he got back home. He entered a secret code he and everybody in
:iconwishieanne217:Wishieanne217 69 17
Spirit Animal (Digital Ver.) [W/Speedpaint] by Superkitty19 Spirit Animal (Digital Ver.) [W/Speedpaint] :iconsuperkitty19:Superkitty19 11 13
Eridan X Reader - Late Night Visit
...Eridan.  You grinned, trying to hide any of your previous apprehension at visiting your secret crush's hive.
"Hi Eridan," you say raising a hand and giving a tiny wave.  "Can I come in?"
The royal-blooded troll stared for a moment, wondering if perhaps this was a cruel prank being played on him by one of the other trolls, mocking his lack of real friends.  He also wondered if perhaps you were here to make fun of him for finally caving in and building a hive on land as he'd been wanting to do for a while.  He spent so much time out of the sea that it only made sense for him to keep a second hive on land.  However, other trolls, particularly low bloods and other sea dwellers, had been giving him a particularly hard
time based on his decision.
The sea dweller (er- land and sea dweller) looked you up and down warily.  "Hey ______..."
A moment of awkward silence passed.  "Uh...Eridan, are you going to let me in?"  The high-blooded troll still hesit
:iconsavannaegoth:SavannaEGoth 490 203
Homestuck X Reader - Late Night Visit
Author's Note:  Alrighty my various bros and brosettes, if you hadn't guessed it already, this is an AU where the trolls had already played Sgrub but hadn't run into Jack and their planet wasn't destroyed.  That way, a majority of their hives are still intact and no one (or at least most of them) haven't died yet.  I hope you find this setting to your liking as you read, and be sure to READ THE DESCRIPTION~
It was Saturday, 12:10 to be exact.  You were out taking a walk through one of your favorite spots on the trolls' planet:  a large, dense woodland full of the whispering of leaves, the calls of many hidden birds, and the quiet steady crunching of your shoes on the brown gravel path you were following.  The large leafy bushes that flanked your path were filled with the scufflings of tiny creatures darting about looking for food while trying to avoid detection.  A cool breeze lifted your (h/l) (h/c) hair behind you as you kept on, the strange brigh
:iconsavannaegoth:SavannaEGoth 600 279
Reach Out to Me: Eridan x Reader
Eridan Ampora:
That's when a car screeched to a halt behind you. The loud squeal of tires halting on asphalt scares the hell out of you. You lose your footing, and just as your tipping towards the wrong side of the bridge, somebody grabs your wrist and yanks you the other way.
You fall right into the person who grabbed you and knock them to the ground. They grunt in pain as they hit the pavement, and you lose a chest of air when you land on top of them.
"What the hell asshole! You scared me!" You shout as you push yourself up to your knees.
The person under you is none other than your fellow classmate, Eridan Ampora. His purple streaked hair is messed up from its usual smoothed back style. His hipster frames lay crooked on his face, and his violet eyes narrow in rage.
He pushes you off of him, and you think you catch a glimpse of red on his face. He sits up, adjusts his blue striped scarf and glasses, and glares.
"I scared you, (y/n)? I wwas drivvin' home and your standing up there abo
:icondementedxace:DementeDxACE 630 223
Fandom Island x Reader (Homestuck opener)
( A/n – If you haven’t yet go and read the opener >>>> This is going to be ___________ x Reader. You don’ t know what that means you’ll figure it out.
> I am busy as hell so there will be days that I won’t update.
> I am going to only do these on stuff I LIKE. If I don’t like the “Fandom” then it will not be on here.
>This is an AU for all of them (meaning lots of characters will be OOC).
>I am not the best writer so please ignore my mess ups.
> You don’t like it then don’t read I don’t need you Trolling shit got it. That being said continue reading at your own risk.)

You looked around in shock. “ Oh... my… Gog…”. Everything around you was… not right. You look at the ground under you the grass looked like it was a giant chess board, and the Trees had different colored leaves
:icondemonofwrathrama:DemonofWrathRama 153 91
Sheltering Home: Violet Candy Part 1
Sheltering Home (Eridan X Reader)
Violet Candy
Part 1
Beth skipped over to a large fish tank and beckoned you over. You frowned at her. “Since when does the Animal Shelter take care of fish?” you asked.
Beth rolled her eyes. “Actually, this was supposed to be a lizard tank. But then this guy showed up and I had to put him in a pen but I didn’t think he’d be very happy in one of the normal cages, so I filled this thing up and plopped him in. Come on, he’s just hiding behind this rock.” She said.
As you approached, the thing swam into view. It had a violet, grub-like body with six stubby little legs. It also had a grey humanoid head, with two fin-like protrusions where ears should be, lightning bolt shaped horns, and a mess of black hair with a violet streak. It glared at you and grumbled a bit, releasing a stream of bubbles from its mouth.
You started and gaped at Beth. “What is that?!” you demanded.
Beth shrugged. “The letter
:iconascendingdecendant:ascendingDecendant 208 22
Sheltering Home: Violet Candy Part 2
Sheltering Home (Eridan X Reader)
Violet Candy
Part 2
You watched the grub swim around his tank lazily. The tank had taken most of your strength to shove onto the dresser after you filled it, and you were now paying the consequences.
"Ugh, why didn't I fill it after I put it there?" you groaned. A bubbly noise made you return your attention to the grub. He looked like he was laughing at you.
You frowned at him and stumbled to the tank. "Hey now, I could have left it dry and kept you in a cage!" you growled.
The grub smirked at you before turning away in a huff. You rolled your eyes. Taking care of this spoiled little guy was going to be a pain. You rubbed your temples in annoyance.
"What am I even going to call you?" you mused.
The grub screed at you over his shoulder, but didn't bother turning around. Once again, it made you feel… insignificant. You shook your head a bit and sighed. Come on, he's just a… thing! I'm the one taking care of him, he should be grateful! Bu
:iconascendingdecendant:ascendingDecendant 169 30
Sheltering Home: Violet Candy Part 3
Sheltering Home (Eridan X Reader)
Violet Candy
Part 3
A loud skree invaded your ears and you sighed. You glanced over your shoulder at the little grub, who was staring at you impatiently.
You sat your spatula down and turned away from the meal you were preparing to kneel by the little attention seeker. “What is it, Eridan?” you growled.
You had been living with the strange grub for a few days now, and after the rough first day, you had managed to befriend him. The only downside was that he was an absolute attention whore. If you weren’t paying attention to him, than you were doing something wrong.
Usually you could deal with it, but today was Christmas Eve – the day your parents would come down and visit for a while before they darted off to wherever they went. That meant you couldn’t pay as much attention to the little grub as he wanted, especially since you didn’t really want your folks to know about him.
After all, your mom was a doctor. She
:iconascendingdecendant:ascendingDecendant 178 123
Sheltering Home: Violet Candy Part 4
Sheltering Home (Eridan X Reader)
Violet Candy
Part 4
It was well after midnight when you skipped back into your room. You had wanted to stay up later, hanging out with your parents and roasting chestnuts by the fire. But your parents were tired after their flight and had figured that you should probably go to bed too.
You flopped onto your bed with a contented sigh. A tapping noise invaded your giddy thoughts and you groaned. Eridan was probably upset that you had left him alone in his tank for so long. Great.
You turned to his tank and squinted at the words scrawled on the back of the tank.
Did you enjoy yourself?
You smiled at him and pulled him out of the water. You hugged him, ignoring the fact that he was soaking your lovely dress. You were about to change anyway, so what did it matter?
“I did! It was wonderful! I haven’t seen them in so long, but it was… perfect.” You sighed and plopped the now mostly dry grub onto your bed. “I’m going
:iconascendingdecendant:ascendingDecendant 163 29
Sheltering Home: Violet Candy Part 5
Sheltering Home (Eridan X Reader)
Violet Candy
Part 5
You yelped and jumped away from the tank. Blinded by the light, you tripped, your head hitting the ground with a sickening thud. A flash of pain raced through your nerves, before all went dark.
When you awoke, you were in bed. A cool rag was on your forehead, helping to dull the pain of your fall a bit. You groaned and struggled to sit up. You blinked at your room, frowning. Everything looked normal, except…
“Eri!” you gasped. You sprang to your feet, ignoring the pounding of your head. The little purple grub wasn’t in his tank and half the water had been spilled. How long had you been out? Did your parents take him away?
You stumbled out of your room, desperate to find Eridan. You barely made it to the living room before falling. Your head was spinning, and your vision was getting blurry. Damn, how hard had you hit your head?
You choked back a sob and curled into a ball, trying to minimize the pain. Your se
:iconascendingdecendant:ascendingDecendant 227 91
Pony Creator Full Version by generalzoi Pony Creator Full Version :icongeneralzoi:generalzoi 83,319 5,822 MFB Comic #7c: SKDM-Mode Omake by WonChan108 MFB Comic #7c: SKDM-Mode Omake :iconwonchan108:WonChan108 89 9 UT . Cosplay in the Sunset . Asriel X Frisk by shadcream4eva UT . Cosplay in the Sunset . Asriel X Frisk :iconshadcream4eva:shadcream4eva 121 25 The Whole Gang! by LittleKidsin The Whole Gang! :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 1,398 135


i'm sooo bored anyone in the mood to rp with me?

I can do ANY fandoms, AUs, and others

you name it^^


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welcome to my page
i wanted to show my art to everyone!
i have a google+ page too
send me requests there ok?


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